22 December 2010

Excuses, Excuses

So - we haven't posted in a few days. Most of you probably think we've been under a pile of snow. Luckily, we are both safe and sound, back home for the holidays. You see, I left a few days early to attend the wedding of these two amazing people. (Seriously, check out the link. It's great.) Merlin was left to hold down the fort in Tallinn, Estonia. The problem is, Merlin's shoes have no traction and I was no longer around for him to hold on to. Many slips and falls ensued and he decided that the best course of action would be not to take his camera out with him. Luckily, we will be back in Tallinn for New Year's Eve, so there should be some great Estonian capital coverage coming soon!

In the meantime - we've uploaded some of our favorite photos that we never used from our first few countries and will be posting them throughout our Christmas break.

Happy Holidays!

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