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Being nomadic makes us crave a home cooked meal more than ever, some small semblance of domesticity can go a long way.  When the local food isn't particularly good, cooking for ourselves is a godsend. When the local food is particularly good, it inspires us to try our hand at it.  Here are some of our 'home' cooked meals, including recipes, tips, anecdotes and all that other bloggy stuff.

Putting Together a Kitchen ... USA
Dinner in Santfoort Nord ... Holland - no actually cooking, a lot of cheese
Šaltibarščiai ... Lithuania - Cold Beet Soup complete with recipe
Thanksgiving Abroad ... Latvia - the market visit and the feast
Minsk Groceries ... Belarus - we had a kitchen, but the stove didn't work
Linguine with Clams ... Vatican City - a simple recipe for a delicious dish
Roman Artichokes ...  Vatican City - though, technically not in Rome
Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto ... Vatican City - a favorite spring dish, complete with recipe
Squash Blossom Dessert ... Vatican City - sweet/savory fried squash blossom recipe
Braising Octopi ... Vatican City - how to do it and pictures pretty enough to make you want to
Mare e Monti ... San Marino -  failed ravioli, but a success nonetheless
Tomato-Apple Bruschette ... San Marino - a crisp, colorful variation to a no-cook-classic
A Campstove at Last ... Switzerland - let the outdoor cooking begin! plus, our first meal
(Not Really) Wienerschnitzel ... Austria  - pork, trout and mushrooms schnitzeled
Slovak Lentil Salad ... Slovakia - a bright, summery red lentil recipe
Hungarian Fish Paprikas with Mákos Metélt ... Hungary - sweet poppyseed pasta and spicy fish
Meggyleves, Hungarian Cherry Soup ... Hungary - as dessert or appetizer, a refreshing staple
A Hrvatska Cookout ... Croatia - grilled, stuffed squid, hearty greens, warm weather and charcoal
Rösti In The Mountains ... Liechtenstein - an alpine stalwart, perfect for any high-altitude meal
Moules à la Bretonne ... France - mussels are so versatile; here they are with cider and ginger
Foraging for Galettes ... France - a better type of crepe, filled with stolen berries and market finds
Monegasque Cold Noodle Salad ... Monaco - soba, anchovies and the smell of the sea
There's a Snail in my Lentils! ... Monaco - not quite escargots, but whelks in green lentils
Soup de Poisson ... Monaco - the Provençal classic, made a few steps easier
Camping Paella ... Andorra - a paella for the great outdoors
Andorra Pintxos ... Andorra - when walnuts fall on your tent, make pintxos!
Indian Summer Cocktail ... Portugal - a little mixology inspired by Port
Tortilla de Patatas ... Spain - a Spanish staple that's hard to resist
The Yerevan ... Armenia - a localized version of the Manhattan
Imam Biyaldi ... Turkey - the eggplant dish that made the priest faint
Mercimek Çorbasi ... Turkey - an interesting lentil soup, loaded with spice and mint
The Durrell ... Cyprus - a toast to Cyprus' most famous resident
Citrus Season ... Cyprus -  orange you glad you bought a whole kilo? three orange salad recipes
Cooking Kolokasi ... Cyprus - we eat the local (poisonous) root vegetable and survive
A Mediterranean Crustacian Feast ... Malta - including a lobster named Slipper
Gozitan Stewed Rabbit with Green Sauce ... Malta - there's a hare in my food!
Tomato Paprika Kačamak ... Serbia - taking polenta beyond mush
Salată de Vinete ... Romania - eggplant, scorched and spreadable
Bulgarian Tarator ... Bulgaria - cold, refreshing cucumber and yogurt soup
After Beach Blitva ... Montenegro - a lime and basil potato salad, pretending to be traditional
Njeguški Fruit Salad ... Montenegro - cheese and ham from the mountains, fruit for the seaside
Bosnian Bulgur Pilaf ... Bosnia and Herzegovina - a lighter, healthier pilaf with lots of flavor
Fiskeboller in Mustard and Chanterelle Sauce ... Norway - Fishballs in not-quite white sauce
Birthday Smörgåstårta  ... Sweden - carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and hummus?
Potted Potatoes in Edible Dirt ... Denmark - a playful, New-Nordic, messy, flowerpot dish
Baking with Gertie ... Ireland - scones, brown bread and soda bread, all at breakneck speed
Mincemeat Pie from Scratch ... United Kingdom - neither minced, nor meat, a holiday favorite

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