14 April 2011

Gypsy Kitchens: Tomato-Apple Bruschette

Bruchette are among the most common things one finds on Italian menus and restaurant tables. It's a good use for stale bread - bread goes stale when it sits out at a bakery all day, then is left unwrapped around the house for a few more hours. At our little campsite, we concocted a slightly unorthodox version with apples added to the mixture.
Lacking a toaster oven, we cut the bread up beforehand so that it would get harder faster. We bought pesto - which is sold from the deli counter at the supermarket - to spread on it as a kind of base layer.
We mixed tomato, apple and red onion with salt and olive oil for the top, then let it sit for a few minutes so that the flavors would meld with one another. The apples added a nice crunch to the tomato, and the pesto added the herb flavors we were looking for.

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