24 August 2010

Moving Day

We moved out! Well, not entirely, but the big stuff is out of the apartment and into storage in Vermont: the couch, the chairs, the bookshelves, our books, all the martini glasses save two (we think ahead), etc. There's still a lot more to pack and move, which will most likely necessitate a second trip to Vermont and a few more runs to my father's place, but any day you parallel park a Uhaul truck in Manhattan and fill it with furniture carried down from your fourth floor walk-up has got to earn the title "Moving Day."

Merlin's brother Luke and his girlfriend Sarah were around to help, which was great.

Luke helped Merlin lift...

While Sarah guarded the Uhaul for hours...

And hours...

And hours...

It was a hot two days, and many Diet Dr. Peppers were had, but finally we were ready to get on the road up to the storage unit. Merlin and I were in the Uhaul with Sarah and Luke following in our Subaru.

By the time we arrived at the storage unit we were a little delirious from the heat and the magnitude of the job ahead of us.

Inspired by Luke's tanned shirtlessness (and heat stroke), Merlin began a storage unit photoshoot

which resulted in the best faux hipster rock band album cover ever:

(Again- it was hot. My dress was discarded. I'm not ashamed and, yes, I wear bloomers).

Amazingly, everything we brought fit , with some room to spare. It may have been tighter had we brought our bed, but when the boys couldn't figure out how to take it apart, they decided to just chop it to pieces and leave it behind. Of course, on around the third hammer whack, they saw exactly how it could have been dismantled... but, hey, one less thing to put in storage. We never liked that bed anyway...

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  1. love that last picture! I'm into the bloomers.