29 August 2010

Putting together a kitchen

It’s tough to decide what to bring, what we’ll need, what seems necessary and what seems extravagant (but maybe necessary?). I don’t typically think of weight when I buy things for the kitchen. Now, though, I think about it a lot. Why am I bringing two very heavy pans instead of one lighter one?

(The Le Creuset pot works for searing things that I’d rather not put in the cast iron… my all clad skillet isn’t as versatile as the cast iron, and it takes up more space.)
The spices were culled down to a few that I can’t live without, and that travel well. The knives weren’t difficult – mine, Rebecca’s, a serrated one and a paring knife.
Rebecca made the roll-up case out of her old trench coat.

A grater, can opener, peeler, colander, measuring spoons, knife sharpener, spatulas, etc…

The nice thing about traveling by car is that you can bring a lot of stuff that you would never carry on your back. It’s tempting to bring too much.

There's a nice feeling that comes with simplicity and self-limitation. I was going to bring my immersion blender until Rebecca reminded me that there aren't usually power outlets at campground tables.

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