13 January 2011

Fish N Chips

We have now had two bags of chips in one week, probably the most potato chips either of us have eaten since last year's Super Bowl. Something about studying just makes you crave junk food. Also, something about crab potato chips just make you need to buy them. They hit your tongue with a tangy vinegar taste, which leads nicely into a sweet imitation crab meat flavor. I liked them more than the Red Caviar Lay's or the Forest Mushroom Lay's we had in Latvia.

There was a "Baked Potato with all the Fixings" flavored chip for a brief moment when I was a kid. Sour cream, chives, cheddar and bacon were all included. I was amazed how all those flavors could be packed in there invisibly. Then, Pringles came out with a pizza flavor, which I found truly impressive. However, I feel that I never knew the art of potato chip flavoring until I came to Europe.

Other noteworthy Lay's varieties here include Shashlik (shish kabob), Red Onion, Dill and Bacon.


  1. It's great how many flavors you can find! Love the moment before the first chip hits the tongue and not sure what going to get...

  2. Caviar chips? Well better than tripe!