02 January 2011

Kids On Sleds

Ever since the first snowfall in Riga, we've been noticing what I like to call "snowllers" - snow strollers a.k.a. sleds. Not only do they make perfect sense, but they seem like fun and look really adorable.
As you can see, children's snowsuits offer adequate tush padding to cushion any bumps the sled may encounter.
This child seemed a little to old to be pulled around. One of my biggest pet peeves is overgrown children in strollers. It seems like overgrown children on snowllers breeds the same level of laziness. Just look at the way she's reclining as her poor mother trudges along.
Tallinn's streets were extremely slippery, which was great for this chartreuse little guy, but not so much for the rest of us.
Now and then we'd see a sled that could be pushed instead of pulled. Generally, it afforded the child an opportunity to look up at something other than the back of their parent's legs. However, this sledder didn't look like she could see much of anything.

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