28 February 2011

CRF: Poland

"CRF" is not a crime show you've never heard of, it stands for "Cutting Room Floor." Below are some of our favorite pics that never made the blog. We figured we'd reminisce a little while we're driving from Moldova to Italy (which should take about five days).
Rebecca: The market in Wroclaw was the biggest I'd ever seen, until Riga. It was like a tiered wedding cakes of goods - some goods better than others. As is often the case with countries whose currency is inflated, I just didn't have any bills small enough in my pocket to get the bag of pumpkin seeds I wanted.
The buildings seemed different, to us, after more south-western Europe. We were entranced by the balconies and offset windows.
A flower vendor in an underground passage in Wroclaw.
Merlin: Poland has some beautiful natural scenery, and we caught it just before the snow. Their autumn was cool and bright, at least while we were there.
Rebecca: Poland's trees were immediately different - taller, thinner and with these really beautiful cluster on one branch or two or all of them. They reminded me enormous geraniums. Merlin told me that they are actually a sign that the tree is diseased - tree tumors. I'm not sure why disease seemed to overwhelm the entirety of Poland's tree population, but I can't say it wasn't very pretty.
Merlin: Beautiful, surprising Krakow. It was always a city that I thought sounded menacing - in fact, it's just the opposite. This is the central rynok at dusk.
This was at the cloth market in Kazimierz.
Rebecca: Sometimes it was difficult to tell who was the vendor, who was their friend just there keeping them company and who was a customer, sitting for a rest.
We found Poland's markets interesting because they seemed - to us, at the time - to be so grungy and ramshackle.

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  1. Your observations are very derogatory and superficial. You haven't learnt anything from your trips.