27 February 2011

Moldova to Italy Road Trip: Day 1

A lot of our Day 1 driving time was taken up by a border crossing (Moldova/Romania - mostly the Romanian side) and getting semi-lost while driving through a bigger city here and there. But when we were on the open road, it was beautiful.
The roads in Romania are amazingly well paved. Our car isn't making weird squeaking noises anymore and we don't need to swerve at the last minute to avoid potholes. The one strange thing is that they don't seem to have any shoulders, making it a little hard to stop when nature calls.
We drove through the plains early in the day and spent our entire afternoon up in the mountains of Transylvania.
Just as there aren't shoulders on the highway, there aren't really sidewalks in town. As night approached, the roads seemed to get curvier and our fear of hitting a pedestrian increased. So, we pulled over for dinner and a night's stay.

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