18 November 2010

It's Too Early for Christmas (So, how about those fruit vendors...?)

When we arrived in Kaunas, we saw the very first signs of Christmas market set-up. On November 15th. See, Europe doesn't have Thanksgiving, so there's really nothing to stop people from jumping headlong into Christmas as soon as November begins. The white, cobweb-looking light structure at the left of the building will soon sell wooden toys, hot wine and angels made of every material imaginable.
There's no doubt that these two little girls are very excited about ole Santa coming to town, but I just can't let myself get in the spirit just yet. It's too early. So, let's switch subjects.
These standalone produce kiosks reminded me of home. While candy, soda, magazine, cigarette stands have been around in almost every European city we've been to so far, these were the first fruit-and-vegetable stands where you could - say- grab an apple on the way to work.
Here's another one of the stands. You know this kid is staring off into the distance towards the Christmas lights....
Once you're done with your piece of fruit (or candy bar, if you've opted for the crap kiosk) you get to discard your core, peel, wrapper into one of these awesomely camoflouged trash receptacles. They are about as tall as a curb and have these removable metal containers that extend down into the ground. At least, I figure that's how it works, there being a little handle and all. They're perfect for the person who wants to feel the evil thrill of polluting. Go ahead, throw that balled up receipt on the ground. Just aim for the hole.

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  1. how you can make a jaunt through a dreary looking locale seem fun and interesting is not a surprise to me, rebecca....your attitude and impeccable awareness shines through your musings. you have the ability and knack to make the most mundane almost blissful...