19 November 2010


When the weather turns bleaker, when the first snow of the season is in the air, when the Lithuanian dirt roads are frozen and the days are getting too, too short... where do you go? Why, Palanga, of course! Might as well head to the seaside for some sun and sand, for rollicking parties and young, bronzed bodies.
Well, Palanga had pretty much closed up shop. The boardwalk was mostly deserted. The few places that did open up were empty. It had that lonely feeling that permeates all resort towns in the offseason.
The Baltic was calm and cold, the sand was wet from a constant drizzle. There weren't many people sunning themselves.
The pier was being used by fishermen, who were pulling a lot of fish out of the water. They seemed surprised to see us.
Our inn, Vila Ramybe, is perfect for this kind of town - it's the one place that has had any people in it. People from the town gather here with the family that runs it for drinks and food. People know each other, they play cards, it's cozy, loud, friendly and a perfect antidote for the miserable weather and empty streets outside.

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