13 July 2012

Why Don't They Have This in America?

This may well be in America soon - So, you saw it here first!  This is not just a yellow popsicle.  This is the most exciting frozen ice cream treat I've ever seen.  The sort of thing that makes me remember the first time I saw Super Mario with a bubble gum nose on the side of the ice cream man's truck.  This, my friends, is a peelable banana! As Nestlé's press release states, "Many would think that a peelable ice cream is unbelievable." Believe it. 
We first saw these in a gas station cooler in Serbia and I didn't buy one because I'd recently gone on an "avoid sugar" diet to combat culturally experiential dessert eating and the forthcoming gelato season. Since then, I've dubbed bananas "nature's ice cream cone," because any time Merlin buys ice cream, I grab a banana from a fruit stand and convince myself that it's as good as frozen, flavored dairy on a cone.  How ironic.  Anyway, it's been almost two months since Serbia and in cooler after cooler, I've searched for that banana popsicle. Does it peel? The package sure makes it look like it does. I'm not eating ice cream, but if that shows up I simply have to try. Investigative research. I'd nearly forgotten about it when it popped up in Montenegro.
The treat is called Pirulo Jungly, 'Pirulo' being one of many Nestlé brands and 'Jungly' being a terrible name.  According to the cartoon monkey on European Nestlé's website, you're supposed to peel the skin with your teeth. I used my fingers. Even if I'd known the decorum, I still would have - because the intrigue was always finding out what the heck the peel was made of. Gotta investigate with as many senses as possible. It felt like gummy bear and tasted like Jello. I'd say, it's Jello. Inside, the stick of banana flavored ice cream was delicious. Apparently, Jungly was introduced in February of 2010 as "Eskimo Monkey" in Thailand and then rolled out in Asian and then European countries in 2011. As far as I can tell, it's not yet available in America. Which begs the question - Why don't they have this in America (yet)?


  1. yes it does look like an exciting, fun treat....which reminded me of the frozen mashed banana you treated me to back in ny...that tasted just like ice cream!

  2. I've just got back from Portugal (I live in the UK) and I totally agree with you that these are the best ice cream treats ever! I saw the picture of the ice cream with it's banana peel but I didn't think it would actually look like that! I'm certainly hoping that they come to the UK one day too. My kids loved them.

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. You won't believe it but I found some of those babies in Canada which probably means your gonna find some in America! And they were awes-mazing!

  4. This tastes really awful! My children got this yesterday for the first time (7 and 10 year old girl) and both rated this the most disgusting icecream they've ever tasted. The inner vanilla icecream is somehow ok.

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