03 September 2010

Dinner in Santfoort Nord

We had a great time shopping for food here in Santfoort Nord - buying everything at different stores along the main street, smelling the roasting chicken at the chicken store, tasting cheese at the cheesestore ("L'amuse").
We laid out a spread in our hotel room on the ironing board, with Rebecca's scarf as a tablecloth. The dark red stuff in the black container is beet and apple slaw.

The cheese was excellent. We asked for all Dutch cheese, and told them that we liked stronger rather than milder tastes. We got (below, in order from top): "Wilde Weide Overjarig," "Machere" (third place, he said, in some recent cheese contest), "Lady's Blue" (first place in the contest!) and "Cumlaude Boerenkaas" (with the black and gold wax). All were good, but I think the blue was probably our favorite.

The chicken and pork pate was also delicious, as were the beets and the greens.
The kind lady from the "bar" downstairs, who also cooks for the "restaurant" and serves the few people that ate there (this is a small place, and there were only three people sitting and eating, with not much room for anyone else), lent us a plate and some silverware before we came up to bed. She also made us martinis, which we had to teach her how to make. Actually, we just told her to pour some gin in a glass and add a splash of vermouth. It's funny that they don't have martinis here - in the land of gin! Anyway, she is very, very nice. Thanks Trudy for helping us have a great evening!

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