25 September 2010

Bar of Bouillon

We stopped at this amazing bar/cafe in Bouillon after wandering around the castle and watching a falconry show. It was raining, and we didn't want to walk down to the main part of town, so we ducked in for a bit.
It was a cool old place, with a nice woman running it. We got some beer and some pumpkin soup and sat at one of the big tables. In the background of this picture, you can see firewood stacked against one of the back walls. There were two woodstoves in the place, one of which was going.
The really interesting thing about this place, to me, was the mural-work on the walls. Someone, sometime, painted these scenes of debauchery on the panels between the windows and above the rough wood.
They were quite well done, for what they were, but they were really great because they were so faded and smoke-stained.
Some of them were covered up by other things - wood was stacked against one of them, this one was partially covered by a refrigerator. We wondered why the sign, here, was in English when the clientele were all decidedly local. Probably, we decided, because the regulars know not to go into the fridge.
How incongruous: MTV playing on the television. The old guy in the bottom left of the picture didn't move much - or say anything - the whole time we were there. The beer advertised - Godefroy - is the local brew. Godefroy was a local hero, and lived in the castle before he sold it to finance a crusade.

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