14 September 2010

In Bruges... Or Ghent, rather

We arrived in Ghent, Belgium yesterday, a charming city with picturesque Medieval architecture. Apparently, it's a lot like Bruges, but far less touristy and/or kitschy. It's actually amazing that there aren't more people with cameras wandering around and that, before three days ago, I had never even heard of Ghent. The place is such a sight. It reminds me of a pan-European town in a Disney movie.
When we first arrived, mid-day Monday, we saw mostly grey-haired folks and women with strollers and I thought, "Well isn't this as quaint as can be." Then, I thought, "It's mid-day on a Monday. Who else is going to be around?" and -sure enough- as late afternoon turned to early evening the young folks came out to play.
They plopped down at cafes and in circles, like the one above, around the square. Ghent is a college town, really, with roughly 60,000 enrolled students per school year. They seem like a lovely, alternative bunch, many dreadlocked and carrying guitars. There are so many dreadlocks here. Since I have yet to become comfortable taking pictures of people straight on, I offer this picture of a mannequin with blonde dreads as proof:
The youth scene sure give this fairy-tale-looking place a healthy dose of quirk....
Squirrels playing poker! And some kink...
You'd think the antlers would get in the way. And on THAT note, I'm off to drink some beer...

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