11 September 2010

Things Dutch People Like

Trampolines. Every walk we've taken in a suburban Dutch neighborhood, we've found trampolines in the front lawns.
Usually, when you see one, two or three more will pop up in succession. Obviously, one kid got a trampoline, which meant that the kids next door couldn't possible live without one... which meant the kids next door to THEM got one and so on and so forth.
Poor kids in the bigger city didn't have a front lawn to trampoline on (does that work as a verb, too?) Luckily, street fairs, like this one in Haarlem, provide ample room to jump.
And a harness! For super trampolining!
Surely there wouldn't be trampolines at the beach, too. There's swimming and sandcastle building! But there they were in front of strandhuisje.
If you weren't lucky enough to have one, you could go to the trampoline park. Which is, apparently "Trampoline Park" in Dutch.
I could provide more pictures, but I think it may get tedious for both you and me. As tedious as, say, jumping in one place. Over...and over...and over again.

Dutch people also really like Cylindrical Meats a.k.a. sausages, wursts, hot dog and the ilk. They can be found in the meat section of the grocery store:In the packaged meal section:And, most impressively, in the canned food section:
Lastly, Dutch people really do love their hagelslag, which I've already covered, so I won't rehash it here. Though, check out this amazing box:Update: I just found out that there's a National Dutch Trampolining Contest. So, maybe that wasn't a Trampoline Park after all. Maybe it was a training camp!

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  1. Trampolining (yes, it works as a verb) is, in fact, an olympic sport. Yours truly used to bounce/train before she moved to NYC, where apparently ceilings are too short in most places for trampolines to be very popular...

    I don't know what these dutch kids are doing with all the bouncing, but there are loads of flips you can do - see, for example, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAGSbll-KGE