10 September 2010

Rotterdam at Night

This is the view from our hotel window in Rotterdam, the city every Dutch person we asked said "wasn't worth going to" because it was ugly and "too new." I felt like telling each of them, "I'm American. I can handle new." Rotterdam was bombed to smithereens during World War II, and had to be rebuilt from the ground up. So, it really is completely different than any of the other cities in the Netherlands - all those lovely little places with lovely little buildings that date back to lovely little days of yore.
Our room is on the 9th floor, which would be the 10th floor in America (in most of Europe, the ground level counts as '0'). So, this is, by far, the highest up we've been in this country - whose land lies mostly on sea level or below. You wouldn't find a view like this in another part of the Netherlands and, I have to say, I'm pretty glad there's no windmill lit up in neon in the distance.

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