12 September 2010


We're in Maastricht today, and it's rainy. When we arrived, though, it was beautiful. The city was packed with people enjoying a late summer weekend. The lines at the ice cream stands were very long, and the sun felt great.The last time I was here it was close to Thanksgiving time, and there was a huge Christmas market in the main square - Sintrmarkt, as they call it. It was interesting to see all the space, free from lights and ferris wheels.
Loose seal! (that's a joke) It's not alive, and it was for sale on this little side street.
It feels, here, un-Dutch. Limburg, the province we're in, hangs down between Germany and Belgium and the people here are used to switching between languages. People in the main part of Holland like to say that it's not really Dutch, and I don't know that the people here would disagree.
There are hills, too. The city feels as though it's situated above the river (the Maas), instead of alongside it. Being on the bridges, you get a sense of height and space that I was unused to. It's an interesting place to spend our last day in Holland.

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  1. Hi, i just found your blog and love your idea of touring Europe extensively, spending two weeks in each country, though I'm curious about how you spent two weeks in Vatican City - I guess this was just more Italy time :)
    I was living in Maastricht for two years and have very fond memories of that lovely city. I really liked reading this post and seeing your photos!
    Have a great weekend!