03 September 2010

Boatwatching and Biking

Last night, we stayed at Lukas and Judy’s houseboat again. We were originally planning on going to Harlaam, but couldn’t find a hostel with room on just a day’s notice. Some beginning rowers and what looked like a sailing school whizzed by as we sat outside for a drink before dinner.

Lukas suggested we all bike to dinner. I have to say, Merlin and I were as giddy as can be at the prospect of joining all of the Amsterdamians (I’m sure that’s not a real word) on two wheels. I also have to say that I was more than a little freaked out about getting on a fiets (Dutch for “bicycle”) for the first time in years and navigating my way through the city. It was amazing and I wish we had pictures, but we were a little too busy keeping up with Lukas and Judy (who sat on the back of his bike, as I was riding hers and Merlin was using the third they owned) and trying not to hit or get hit by any other bicyclists, cars, pedestrians, motorcyclists or scooterers (again, probably not a real word).

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