21 September 2010

Castle Hunting: Kasteel van Horst

Here is Kasteel van Horst, which I know next to nothing about. I know that it takes three and half hours to bike there from Mechelen, that there is a nice cafe attached, that they have their own beer (Horst Beer), and that it's very pretty.
It took us a long time to get there on our bikes (see above), and we were hungry. We ate at the cafe and had some bottles of Horst Beer, which was decent and was served with great seriousness. It was, according to our waiter, "an excellent choice."
When we got around to taking pictures of the castle, we were half asleep. It was sunny, we were a little drunk, the biking had taken a lot of energy and we wanted to take a nap. We took pictures instead.
It was a very pretty place, and it was pleasant to be out in the countryside. The "moat" was full of enormous carp - or some fish that looked like carp. We saw a few that were easily two and a half feet long.
As a bonus, we spotted this little tower on our way to Kasteel van Horst. There was a sign by the road, in Flemish, which I was not able to glean much from. I saw 14th century, and that's about it. It seemed to be attached to some later, somewhat industrial looking building, which was curious.

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