02 October 2010

Apple Day

There we were, meandering through Luxembourg City on a dreary day (it's been damp this whole country, so far), heading in the general direction of the bus stop so we could go home, feeling a little tired and cold... Then: Apple Fest!
There were a few tractors circled up in the Place Guillaume II like a wagon train preparing for an attack. We swooped down on them, hungry for some pommes.
There were apple tarts, cakes, and beignets. Also, baked apple, and candied apple. Also, sausage - without apple, and a little out of place.
There was also a beer cart, doing some brisk business. For a while, a young boy was manning the taps. He really couldn't have been older than twelve or thirteen.
This was our favorite stand. The friendly guy on the right was doling out little shots of some very tasty apple brandy and eau-de-vie. The brandy was a little sweeter than "real" brandy, but the eau-de-vie was definitely full proof. It made us feel great about the day and about Apple Fest in general.
There were some people pressing fresh cider, too. Here they are taking the press apart. I don't think that the guy in red had done this before. His job seemed to be, mostly, poking at the mash and asking questions. We left feeling very pleased, a little tipsy and quite good about the Autumn.

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  1. you've completely inspired me to get out there in the crisp air and go apple picking...and bite into nice crisp cortland apples....somehow i'm guessing that it wouldnt cost $18.00 to fill up a plastic bag of them over there...ah yes! the american way...:)your pictures are always amazing..each and every little story makes me feel like i am literally following you....thanks!!