27 October 2010

Gose isn't Gross

"Die Gose" is a special kind of beer that is peculiar to Leipzig and the area around it. It's a top fermented beer (which means it's brewed a little warmer, and is exposed to the air as it's fermenting), which gives it a slightly sour taste, and is a little unusual. More unusual, though, is the addition of coriander and salt. It's not bad, but it's not a beer to drink a lot of.
This is what I paired with it. This dish may look appetizing, but it wasn't. It was good enough - but it was exactly like almost every other plate of food that I had consumed up to that point in the trip. I kept trying to order something different, and every time my food ended up being some kind of red meat in gravy with some heavy, overcooked vegetables on the side. At least this dish of roast beef (I thought I was ordering unidentified wild bird!) had pumpkin gratin instead of potato gratin. I am very sick of potatoes.

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