30 October 2010


In Germany, I smiled and pointed and smiled and shrugged and smiled and nodded until I picked up some of the language. In Poland, however, "smiling at strangers is seen as a sign of stupidity," according to Lonely Planet. So, after our initial shock that Wroclaw was pronounced "frot-suave" wore off, Merlin and I bought ourselves a translation book and some flashcards. So far we've mastered Please, Thank You, Hello, Goodbye, Sorry, One, Two, Yes, No, Coffee, Beer and Can I Have the Bill, Please.


  1. beautiful pictures...and i really enjoy feeling the personality of the culture through the people..thanks for the joy:)

  2. As a 1st generation Polish guy, I grew up with a lot of folk stories and such. One old wives tale is that if you laugh at the dinner table, you will have a stupid wife. I have yet to marry because of this.