02 October 2010

Foggy Memories

Our days in Vianden were mostly rainy, but one was just clear enough for us to break out our trusty walking map, pick a route and go. While the rain held off, the fog never lifted and most of the scenery was completely hidden behind a grey, cloudy curtain.
We ran into a number of different animals on our three and a half hour loop. Cattle, sheep, horses. They would all turn to look at us slowly as we passed by. They had a similarly bleak view that day, so it's no wonder we interested them so much.
There were a few campsites on our way, but this one peaked our interest most. I'm not sure if you can tell that well, but the contraption above had a grill that you could crank lower down above the campfire and back up again. Merlin imagined cooking on it. I imagined warming my socks.
At one point there was this sort of open air, roofed structure with a few benches. It offered a view of Vianden Castle. At least, it would have if not for the fog. We looked out and imagined it sitting right there, overlooking our hotel, which had a nice warm bed waiting for us.
Before we reached home, we walked through an immense sunflower field. There seemed to be miles and miles of them, all facing the same direction. It must have been a brilliant scene just a few weeks ago.

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