08 October 2010


Yes, that is an giant Michael Jackson monument in a McDonald's parking lot. I saw it from afar, as we were driving off the highway on our way to Luxembourg and had to investigate. Is that... no it couldn't be... yes, it is... a giant Michael Jackson with flowers and notes at its base. Once inside (to use the bathroom and the free WIFI), I found it made more sense. This was a McDonald's like no other I had every seen. First, there was another Mike shrine.
The drawing of him as Peter Pan sort of creeped me out.
There were a lot of Elvis posters, an old Coca Cola machine and an enormous, rotating Marilyn Monroe. Yes, the grate she's standing on blew her skirt up sporadically.
There was also an upside down car hanging from the ceiling and, if you look closely you'll see that the waitresses wore shirts that said "Rock N Roll" on the back.
The only sign it was the Netherlands was the trash can.

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