18 October 2010

Karpfe Diem

Our gasthof boasted "karpfen," all the tables around us at lunch and dinner were filled with karpfen, so - naturally - before we left, I ordered some karpfen, a regional speciality. It's carp and it is fried, as you can tell. What intrigued us most was the fact that its tail was curled the way it was. That's something that is usually attained when you cook a fish while it's still alive. It seems strange and/or impressive in this case because that means they would have had to bread it while it was alive, too. We have noticed that German people seem to have big, strong hands, but it still seems a little unlikely. (Though his face does look a little shocked, doesn't it?) Added bonus was definitely the little price tag flag. Oh, and did I mention it was delicious?

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