19 October 2010

Mühlhausen Doors

We are here in Mühlhausen, in the German state of Thuringia. It's a quiet place in the former GDR, and it feels a bit time-warpy. There are many abandoned buildings - East Germany has a big negative population-growth problem - but also a lot of very well maintained structures, often right next to one another. What I found really beautiful about the town, besides all of its half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets, were the ornately carved and ornamented doors.
The woodwork is really amazing, and it manages to survive the neglect that a lot of these buildings have suffered. Even with peeling paint and decaying wood, the handiwork is still striking.
It's a history that I feel like could be told in a very interesting way. There must have been some very talented woodworkers - not to mention the stonemasons who did the frames.
I love all the wide doors that lead back to alleyways or courtyards. Many I've seen have this cool double-round-top design within the seam between the two panels.

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  1. beautiful architectural delights....great job!!