27 October 2010

Hot Dogs: Berlin's Best Wurst?

The fact that German food has a whole lot of sausage variations is something that is pretty much common knowledge. On menus, at deli counters, at imbiss (snack) stands, there were always a variety to choose from and one in each person's hand. Currywurst and bratwurst were the ones we saw most often around Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony. However, as soon as we arrived in Berlin we noticed that they had another, distinct favorite. Hot Dogs.
They didn't even call them frankfurters! There were hot dogs here, hot dogs there, hot dogs, hot dogs everywhere.
There was Hot Dog World, Hot Dog & Burger World, New Hot Dog World... and Hot Dog Soup?
They probably just should have stuck with the "World" trend, because this name didn't seem all that appetizing.
A lot of them were very American-ccentric. Mr. Miller's had a guy decked out in 1950s drive-through-waiter garb. He seemed embarrassed enough and I didn't want to worsen things by taking a photo of him.
The best part? They ALL offered veggie dogs! After traveling for two weeks around Germany, I felt pretty left out of the whole hand-held meat world. I had also eaten a great deal of sauerkraut on just about everything except a hot dog. So, on my final day in Deutschland, I went right into Hot Dog World and got one with all the fixings: sauerkraut, mustard, ketchup and these crumbled up fried onions. Best wurst ever.

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