11 October 2010

Castle Hunting: Vianden Castle (part II)

This is Vianden Castle, which I had tried to take pictures of ten days ago. We explored it on our first visit to Vianden, a while ago, and thought it was really cool. The mist and generally bad weather limited us to mental-pictures. We went back to Vianden yesterday, for nutfest, so I got another shot at it.
We had known about this high-meadow vantage point from our rambles around the town, so we knew where to stop to get the best pictures. I had to do a little scrambling to get a good view - luckily, this fence was just barbed wire and not electrified.
The cows in the pasture weren't all that impressed. They didn't seem to mind us, though.
It's an amazing place for a castle, and I bet it's going to be really beautiful in a week - the foliage hasn't peaked yet.
Making our way down to the village, I was able to get these images too. The weather was superb. So much better than our first visit.

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