16 October 2010

Ripe for the Picking

We saw these "BLUMEN" signs on the side of the highway throughout our drive to Bavaria, always at the end or beginning of a row of beautiful flowers. We figured they were a flower sale of some sort, but were happy to investigate more closely, finding one right at the entrance to our campsite in Kipfenberg.
We noticed this sign, which we couldn't translate, but seemed to say something along the lines of "Self Service" and then listed the price for one "stuck" to be o,60 euros.
There was a coin slot in which to drop your payment.
Hanging from the sign/bank were small knives to cut your bouquet with.
The flowers to choose from were beautiful here and everywhere we saw them along the highway.
It made me happy to think that a) the trust system still worked b) there were some sunflowers still in bloom and c) these 'blumen' could continue on growing until they were picked, there for everyone that passed by to enjoy instead of wilting away, encased in plastic wrap in the store window of a flower shop.

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